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Posted on May 3, 2017

Making a welcoming reception area

Written by

Tyler Moore

A welcoming reception area will make both a good first impression and put clients at ease. It’s where you welcome newcomers and regular visitors. It’s a place that clients will openly examine, judge and maybe feel slightly intimidated by. We have a few tips to help you get the layout right.

Comfort vs style
Fashion doesn’t always equal comfort. That’s one of the reasons why people visit furniture stores. They want a nice couch but what’s the point if it’s as hard as a rock? At the same time, you don’t want to buy a chair that’s too soft and has ugly fabric. Making a welcoming space means having cosy furniture. This doesn’t mean, though, that you should sacrifice looks.

Specialized seating companies have made-to-order options so that their clients will have control over the design. This makes it handy when you’ve seen a style you like in a magazine or display. Customizable options include fabric type and dimensions.

Size and layout
Open plan isn’t just only for homes. Having an open and airy reception area will make it more welcoming. Nobody wants to go through a maze when they first walk in the door.

If your reception area is small, it’s better to get individual chairs and a small corner table. If there’s room, put in a shelf unit that can hold books and some accessories. A welcoming reception area has comfy seating with some reading material (for long waits) and a nice scent diffuser. If you have a window with a view, face the chairs towards it so clients can admire it and catch the natural light.

Playing the matching game
Colour schemes are key, whether you go for all-white or three different shades of blue. If you have colours in your logo, matching those with your reception furniture and the paintjob gives a great first impression.

Cool colours, from blue to purple, have a calm and welcoming effect. Warm colours, from yellow to red, are more agitating. Warm colours are good in small doses or in the worker’s area. Cooler colours that inspire calm are better suited for the reception area and the furniture in it.

Having a welcoming reception area with the right furniture and more will make both a good first impression and put clients at ease. You can customize reception seating as you like so that it suits your brand and your style. Small areas aren’t always a disadvantage when everything fits; go for individual chairs instead of large couches. Brand colours or calming tones will tie everything together and make a welcoming environment clients won’t mind seeing again.