Five Seater Aluminium Seating - Drilled Seats and Pans


Dimension: 2940mm x 670mm x 870mm


Ultra-durable, commercial public seating, ideal for a range of professional situations including airports and waiting rooms. Sleek stylish design and interchangeable fixed or mobile legs provides a range of adjustable seating solutions. Aluminium is easy to clean and maintain while the ergonomic design guarantees comfort. Available in one to five seat options.

size: 7 kgs .08M

Dimensions: 2940mm x 670mm x 870mm

Materials: All Aluminium Alloy
Weight:65.11 Kgs 297x 10x 12.5 + 106x 8×56 + 106x11x56 + 61x9x56
Seats: 5 Seater

Model No.: T20-05AS

Key Features

  • Professional appearance
  • Ergonomically designed
  • Durable, Easy to clean
  • Available in 2-5 seats
  • Free standing frame with adjustable glides
  • Option Arms Available

Additional Information

P.U. Leather Color Option

A101, A102, A105, A106, A107, A108, A301, A302, A401, A402, A403, A407, A619, A620, C40, DE90, S07, S09, S10, S11, S12, S13, S18, S24, S25, S30, S39, S40, S48, S49, S50, S56, S57, S58, S59


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